We talked quite a bit in the past about our track record with customized apparel and how proud we are of our catalog, as well as our specialized design process service.

 We continue to up the bar when it comes to creating products using techniques like:

  •     Screenprinting
  •     Transfer
  •     Embroidery

 We can monogram products or heat transfer a slogan and image for a particular cause. For example, suppose you’re gearing up for a specialized 5K to benefit some particular charity or nonprofit and want the best-looking T-shirt you can find. We’re on it. Or you’re a busy manager trying to put together a good-looking outfit for workers (what goes with khakis?) We can help with the best advice and the products that will make any crew look like a million bucks.

 Anyway, let’s talk a little bit about some of the aspects of our excellent modern equipment and how we work with these machines to get you the best quality that you can depend on every time.

 Here are some things we must evaluate and keep an eye on as we go forward with incoming customer orders.

Cables and Lines

 If you look on the website, you’ll see that these large machines have a variety of feeder cables and lines going from one place to another. It can be a bit of a safety challenge, but making sure everything is in place helps us to turn out the best products, so it’s worth it. 

We keep all of our gear in excellent condition every day, which also helps avoid things like contamination on the line. It helps with shipping and packaging. It makes everything ultra-efficient.

 Dials and Displays

Although digital displays are the trend of the day, some old analog dials and indicators are still built into our process equipment. We keep an eye on those to maintain a good temperature and other metrics for the best products.

 The Press

 Here, we’re pressing out each shirt, or other items, in a series. We want to make sure that the pressure is static and consistent to get the right results. That means, once again, paying attention as the machines work, not just checking out or going for a smoke break.

 Overall Consistency

 In our QA process, we’re looking at how each item rolls off the press. We want to make sure that these are all completely up to the standard that our customers expect. That’s part of what makes us so popular in this area of e-commerce and the philosophy that has kept us afloat while others have had to close their doors and shut down their presses forever.

 That’s a little bit about how All-Stars competes with others in the customized apparel industry!




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