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Fill out the webstore form below and let’s get started setting up your custom webstore! When you work with All-Stars, the process is not only simple but rewarding. Our experience and expertise avoids errors and provides an accessible, cost-effective, and convenient store for you and your customers.

We take out all the hassle of organizing and selling custom merch. We don’t want you to have to collect orders and track down payment – you don’t have time for that! Plus, we handle all customer service inquiries so you don’t have to answer questions! We go above and beyond to ensure our web store program is a premium, full-service experience.

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Our Webstores

Team Stores:
These stores are for the players and families of individual teams, typically around 12-20 orders. The Team Stores are allowed 1 printed design and 1 embroidered design, and a maximum of 12 different apparel items*.

Club & Group Stores:
These stores are for clubs and groups that have a larger audience, typically around 20+ orders. The Club & Group Stores are allowed 2 printed designs and 1 embroidered design, and a maximum of 16 different apparel items*.

School Spirit Stores:
These stores are for all schools from elementary to senior high school, are specifically designed for students, staff, and their families, and typically generate 30+ orders. The School Spirit Stores are allowed 2 printed designs and 1 embroidered design, and a maximum of 16 different apparel items*.

Class Stores:
These stores are usually utilized by graduating classes from 5th grade, 8th grade, & seniors in high schools, but are also used for multiple classes, whether for school spirit weeks, homecoming, or end of year events. Class stores are allowed 1 design per store and a maximum of 12 different apparel items*.

Company Stores:
These stores are ideal for companies with 30+ employees, utilizing up to 2 printed logos and 1 embroidered logo. Company stores can be opened seasonally, or just once/year for limited campaigns. Custom employee accounts and spending tracking is available.

*apparel items include, but are not limited to: t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, jackets, sweatpants, hats, bags & accessories

Collect product sizing and payments online.

Orders come individually packaged and labeled for easy distribution.

Generate more profits by simplifying the ordering process.

Never use paper order forms again!

Our Process:

Stores are open for 1-3 week “limited edition” campaigns.  Once the store is closed, all orders are processed together, blank garments are purchased, and production is started.  After all of the garments have been received and decorated, the orders are separated, bagged, and labeled individually.  

Orders are completed within 10-15 business days from the store closing date.  If you elect to use your store as a fundraiser, your store profit check will be mailed to you when the orders are completed.

You have the option to have all of the individual orders shipped or picked up from our facility and distributed by you at a later date and location, or have the individual orders shipped directly to each customer from our facility.  Once live, you can share your link!

Our store curation team works with you to set up and optimize your store.  The following information is required to set up your store:

    1. Which type of store you are interested in, and the Team, Club/Group, School, or Organization Name
    2. Pick from our extensive list of products from one of the two catalogs below and select from available color options, or allow us to make suggestions based on other popular items from well performing stores
    3. Your logo(s) – if you do not already have one, we can help you create one
    4. How many players, members, students, or employees you have – this can be your best guess!
    5. Will any of the items be personalized with a name?  If so, which items and where on them would you like the personalization?  Typically the printed garments would be personalized on the upper back, and embroidered items would be personalized on the right chest, opposite your logo.
    6. Will this store be used as a fundraiser, or just as a way to get some quality branded merch?  If being used as a fundraiser, please let us know who to write the profit check out to and where to mail it when the orders are completed.
    7. When would you like your store to launch?  After finalizing all of the specs on your store, including artwork and product offerings, the stores typically take between 3-5 business days to build.
    8. Do you have a firm date in mind that you’d like everyone to have their orders in-hands, and is this for an event?

Merch Store Features & Policies:

Quick store set up, a simple buying experience, and full customer service support to assist you & your customers.  Just share the link in an email, or on social media!  All of our online store policies can be found at

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All-Stars has seen firsthand the benefits of online sales. The startup costs are certainly far lower than a brick-and-mortar facility. There’s no rent, utilities, or staff. Customers avoid parking, traffic, and pressure to buy. Most people prefer making purchases online, from the comfort of their homes, and having products delivered right to their doorstep. Orders arrive individually packaged and labeled for ease of distribution. At All-Stars, we prioritize customer service and take every extra step to exceed expectations.

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Custom apparel is an easy and ideal way to support your organization. Search through our extended list of clothing options to customize apparel for your next fundraiser, corporate event, or sports team.


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