Raising money for charitable organizations is something most business owners are passionate about. Finding new and unique ways to raise money for charities you’re passionate about is harder than it seems. Using the same fundraising ideas year after year can lead to lower engagement levels. 

On average, American consumers give over $484 billion to charity. Are you trying to raise money to give to worthy charities in your area? If so, it is time to host a t-shirt fundraiser. Having success with one of these fundraisers will be much easier if you follow the tips below. 

1. Don’t Overcomplicate The T-Shirt Design

The key to having a good t-shirt fundraiser is offering apparel people actually want to buy. Designing a fundraiser t-shirt is not as easy as it seems. One of the main mistakes people make during this process is implementing an overly-complicated design. If the t-shirt you’re selling is unappealing or features a design that is too “busy,” selling it to consumers will be difficult. 

You can avoid this difficulty by working with professionals to iron out the details of your fundraiser t-shirt. Ideally, you want the design to be simple and appealing. With the help of an experienced custom apparel supplier is crucial when trying to get the right design for your fundraiser t-shirts. 

2. Create An Event To Sell Your T-Shirts At

Once you have a great fundraiser t-shirt design, you need to figure out how to sell them to interested consumers. If you are looking to drum up interest for a charity and your t-shirt fundraiser, hosting an event is a wise move. This event should be related to what the charity in question does. 

During this live event, you can have a merchandise table set up where you can sell t-shirts. Most people will jump at the chance to attend a fun event that is being used to help a charitable organization. Promoting this event months in advance will help to ensure lots of people attend it. 

3. Provide Quality T-Shirts

Skimping on the quality of fundraising t-shirts to save a few dollars is a horrible idea. Providing consumers with low-quality t-shirts can put your business in a bad light. This is why you need to insist on using the highest quality t-shirts at your disposal. At All-Stars, we provide high-quality apparel and competitive prices. 

4. Promote Your Fundraiser On Social Media

Keeping your t-shirt fundraiser a guarded secret can affect how successful it is. If you want to raise a large amount of money for a charity, you have to promote your fundraiser. Social media is one of the best promotional tools on the planet. 

Informing your social media followers about the t-shirt fundraisers can help you sell more products. Hosting a social media contest and giving one of your fundraising t-shirts as a prize is also a good idea. 

If you want to reach your t-shirt fundraising goal, then you need to put these tips to use.

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