It’s like Mick Jagger sings: “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes – you get what you need.” 


How does that relate to branded clothing? We’re glad you asked!


First of all, let’s talk about this business and how big it is. That’s some important context. 


There are any number of e-commerce shops offering all sorts of customized and unique gear, from garments to gadgets and accessories. In other words, there’s sort of a glut of e-commerce shops and products available – so many, that sometimes it’s just hard to choose!


Our business is different, though, in the dedication to quality that it provides. That’s deliberate, and a way to really serve our customers in a superior way. We think about that day to day as we come out with new choices and options. 


Branding and Visibility


Any shop can give you something with a message printed on it. They can hastily screen print or heat transfer an image onto a surface. That’s in some ways, the easy part, although in other ways, you wouldn’t call these processes “the easy part” – they require technical detail and acumen. 


But even if the shop knows how to do screen printing really well, like master-level, does that mean you’re going to get good quality garments and apparel?


We think not – not necessarily. 


You have to look critically at what the actual items look like: how they’re designed, where they’re made, and how they’re made. 


Otherwise, you’re just getting some crazy knockoff product – something you’d be more likely to throw in a closet and never wear again. Does that sound like hyperbole? It might, but think about it: if your clothes aren’t comfortable, if they don’t work right, do you really ever want to wear them? For most people, the answer is a resounding “no.” 


When you have clothes that are durable, where fasteners work well, and accessories fit and are easy to use, you get much more out of your products. We refer to this as clothes that are ‘wearable’ – not just made to generic product specifications for e-commerce (like we were talking about before.)


If you’ve ever purchased a subpar shirt or pair of sneakers on Amazon, you know what we mean.


How many companies have their own design studios for screen printed and embroidered items?


How many companies blend that durability with excellent quality printing and design?


We know that there aren’t that many around that cover all of the bases in a way that’s going to get you the best results. So check us out! Look at all of the mens, womens, and children’s stuff for the whole family, and think about what you would most like to get out of an e-commerce shop like ours. We want to be that one-stop shop for whatever you need, time after time, every time you’re shopping. 




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