Tips for Welcoming a New Employee with a Gift Package

Most businesses know the tremendous costs associated with hiring a new employee. Not only are there costs associated with training and onboarding, but it also takes ample time to recruit the right employee. Once you have found the person you believe to be the right fit for the job, it’s your opportunity to show your appreciation. Unfortunately, many employers treat the new employee’s first day like every other day. So, today we have put together a few tips for you to put together a welcome gift package for your new hire:

  • Make sure they have all the supplies for their job.

A welcome gift package provides your employee with everything they’ll need for their job, an overview of the company, important information, and company values and policies. You’ll also want to provide them with any necessary office supplies. A great way to put a smile on someone’s face is a company-branded gift set that includes pens, a notebook, a tape dispenser, a stapler, and more. You can also put together your company branded apparel with the help of All-Stars Gear.

  • Include a few welcome treats.

With so many employees working from home, it’s easy to feel disconnected from their employer. So, as you welcome the new hire onto your team, maybe include a few treats in their welcome packet. Ideally, choose a few goodies that are unique to your area or your business. Plus, you may even want to include a gift card, so they treat themselves to lunch on their first day. It will be especially appreciated since you may not be able to take them out for lunch.

  • Add items that support your company values.

As you prepare the welcome gift package, make sure you represent your company values. If you support a healthy lifestyle, include a water bottle. If you support local causes or nonprofits, maybe include a few swag pieces from a few of your favorites. If your company often has happy hours together, possibly include a happy hour gift box, and schedule a zoom happy hour with your new team member.

  • Continue your appreciation.

As your new employee gets embraced by your company culture, make sure you don’t stop showing how much you value them. Make it a regular habit to send gift packages to your employees, whether on special holidays, birthdays, or employment anniversaries. With how difficult this year has been for everyone, kind gestures go a long way.

Every employer hopes their staff stays for years to come. However, that isn’t done with effort on their part. A welcome gift package can be the beginning of loyalty between both you and your employee. Making an effort to put one together will leave a lasting impression that will not soon be forgotten.

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