When it comes to raising money for school trips, sports, clubs, and other activities, families often run out of steam and ideas. Successful fundraising requires that positive returns on the investment are high, in other words, securing the biggest bank for your buck. Often, parents are asked to come up with ideas for fundraising on a shoestring budget, coordinate the volunteer schedule, and manage the event.


With packed calendars and busy schedules, time and effort dedicated to fundraising for children’s activities are daunting. Fortunately, we have gathered a few tips for creating a successful fundraising event that will not break the bank or your back in the process. 


T-Shirt’s With A Twist

Long used as a significant player in any sales, marketing, and fundraising campaign, t-shirts provide various ways to generate funds. Of course, you can simply have t-shirts designed and printed to be sold at your event, but you can also use them in other ways. If you are asking for money for your child’s class trip, church activity, or another similar event, consider asking friends and family to pay for their names or well-wishes to be printed on the back of your child’s t-shirt.


You can also use this idea to support sporting teams and other groups by asking local companies to donate money and have their logos printed on the backs of the t-shirts. This type of marketing is a win-win for everyone involved!


Provide A Service

People will be much more open to giving money to your cause if you provide a service rather than ask them to purchase something you are selling. Not only will your community appreciate your service, but your children will also learn valuable lessons in the process of providing it. Service-based fundraising also keeps your cost down as you are not purchasing products to sell or paying a portion of your sales back to a company. 


Consider raking yards in the fall for homeowners, washing windows of businesses, or any other age-appropriate activity that your group could perform for others. Engaging your children in providing service while asking for financial support teaches them a strong work ethic and is fun at the same time. 


Food For Thought

People love to participate in fundraising events that involve food. From focusing your event on one specific item like a baked ham or a homemade pie to cookouts and food truck gatherings, food can raise your fundraising dollars quickly. When planning a food-centered fundraiser, consider who you may have in your group that has a smoker grill or owns a restaurant or bakery and develop your plan accordingly. 


When you plan to raise funds with prepared food, remember to check with any local authorities to ensure you get any permits or other documents that may be required. 


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