One of our most popular services is our ability to stand up webstores for clients.


This prominent feature of our branding service helps All-Stars to effectively partner with companies that need help getting visibility and implementing certain kinds of product sales.


A Low-Overhead Approach


Why go with an outsourced webstore for your products?


The reality is that e-commerce is thriving for a number of very important reasons.


With the traditional brick-and-mortar store, you need a physical building, which is quite an expensive part of your capital expenses. Then you need people to staff that building, which adds quite a bit to your operational costs. So in terms of both “capex” and “opex” you’re in for quite a bit of money that you have to make up in sales. 


E-commerce allows you to skip all that and just offer your products directly to prospective customers over the web.


Easy Implementation


So why doesn’t everybody set up an e-commerce store?


One answer to that question involves what you might call time complexity.


A business leader’s time is important. He or she has a number of things to attend to, including core development work on products and services, and communications with customers and vendors, and everything else. So it can be pretty daunting to face the task of setting up a web store from scratch.


The hours that it takes might actually take away from other important things that the business leadership needs to be doing.


That’s why at All-Stars, we offer this white label service to customers.


If you’re not familiar with what ‘white label’ means, it means that we do the work, and you get the credit. When people look at your e-commerce shop, it will look like you set it up. We’re working behind the scenes to make sure that it works well. So you don’t have to get into the details of image cropping or PayPal button integration or any of the rest of it in order to effectively sell your products.


The Value of Trust


When you have a professional firm that can help you implement a webstore and you trust that partner, the last real barrier to effective e-commerce has been eliminated. You can go full speed ahead with confidence and peace of mind. Ask us about how we help businesses to accomplish this – and tell us what your plan is. We’ll work with it, to ensure a great result. 


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