For almost all of us, a polo shirt is a simple, understated shirt which is emblazoned with a logo on the left breast. This is why a lot of brands choose to get custom printed or embroidered polo shirts for their business merchandise. 

Polo shirts with custom logos are a common sight on most high streets as well as in the sport industry. These shirts have that easygoing-yet-smart vibe that makes them a favorite among many elite sports players. But how do you make sure that your business’ logo polo shirt is as good as it can be? Sometimes, the simplest-looking things can be hardest to pull off. But don’t worry, that’s what we are here to help you with! 

Here are 4 tips from our industry experts to help you design a polo shirt that is guaranteed to stand out:  

Less is More 

Whether you settle for embroidery or screen printing, try to keep the design simple. This is especially important if you have chosen embroidery. Consider going with text and simple line graphics. Your customers are likely to find it more appealing than a complex or abstract design.

If your brand’s logo is intricate or too much detailed for a polo shirt, you might want to customize it first. Bring out the main aspects for a simple and clean approach, otherwise you may run into issues with embroidery on the finished product.

Use Embroidery

Screen printing is easy – which is probably why everyone is doing it. If you truly want your shirt design to look higher-quality, go for embroidered logos instead of a screen-printed one. That will immediately set you apart from the crowd.

Be Creative 

Embroidery has a tactile side that’s not available with screen printing. This makes working with embroidery exciting because you can play around with the design. For example, if you use a thread that’s the similar or same color as your shirt, it will create a is-it-there-or-is-it-not effect that will catch people’s attention once they notice it.

Use Special Threads 

There are so many stunning threads available that you can choose from to create your design. These can come in a wide range of options like metallic, neon, pearl cotton, Persian yarn, rayon floss, silk threads, and so many more. This will depend on the style you’re looking for and your brand’s identity but it will be worth it if you want to make an impression with your polos. 

If you want to create your own polo shirts, All Stars Gear offers fast turnaround printing on a variety of garments. Designing your own custom shirts is effortless with our online design studio

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